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Chrysler Firepower

With the Viper basking in all of its glory, Dodge’s sister brand Chrysler was feeling a little left out. That’s where the Firepower comes in. This Chrysler supercar was based on the Viper but would borrow some styling from the Chrysler Crossfire. With a 6.1L V8 the Firepower could have been a solid overall car, with quality and comfort above that of its competitors.

The same team that developed the Chrysler ME Four-Twelve supercar designed this Chrysler Firepower, and for a while it seemed like the Firepower was heading to production. But, like many of the other cars on this list, Chrysler couldn’t find a way to make a business case for the car and it was killed off.

Chrysler Imperial

Following the instant success of the 300C, Chrysler showed off the Imperial Concept car. Looking back to the American luxury cruisers of yesteryear, with its long wheelbase and huge rollers, it’s also hard to miss the Rolls-Royce design cues.

The Imperial concept used a lengthened LX platform, and featured more of the design cues that made the 300C stand out. Things like LED lights, chrome and brushed aluminum materials helped make the Imperial look like a six-figure machine, though being a Chrysler it would certainly have been priced well under that. Unfortunately, we’ll never know.

Dodge Circuit EV

The Lotus Elise set the chassis for the impressive Tesla Roadster electric sports car. Dodge liked the idea so much that they decided to do the same thing, with the Dodge Circuit EV, a lightweight coupe packed full of batteries.

Apparently the Circuit could get up to 200 miles of all-electric range, similar to that of the Tesla Roadster. The Dodge EV could also charge in a quick four hours. Under the hood was a 200 kW battery that made 268 hp and 480 lb-ft torque. Unfortunately all of the Chrysler group’s EVs were shelved when Italian automaker Fiat took ownership of Chrysler and disbanded the ENVI electric vehicles program.

We got a chance to drive the Circuit EV before it was completely lost and forgotten, and found it a lot of fun to drive, but its stock brakes (from a Lotus Elise) were not up to all the weight of an EV.

Dodge Demon

Very recently, roadsters enjoyed a short-lived popularity boost. With the Pontiac Solstice and Saturn Sky coming in to take on the Mazda Miata, Dodge decided it had to have something to show off too. The Demon was that car.

The Demon looks like Dodge’s take on a Honda S2000, with conservative lines, and a basic, but working interior. The car was also perfect for enthusiasts thanks to its rear-wheel drive design and six-speed manual. Overall the Demon was slightly more powerful than a Miata with its 2.4L Inline-four engine and 172-hp. It was going to be pretty light weight too, coming in at around 2,600 lbs. Looking remarkably street-worthy, that’s a strong indication of just how close Dodge must have come to building it.

Quietly shelved, perhaps the newly-minted SRT brand could bring it back? Because the world needs a baby Viper.

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