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Infiniti Emerg-E

The Emerg-e was slated to be a significant car for Infiniti. It would be the luxury automakerís first supercar, plug-in hybrid and mid-engined vehicle. With an impressive powertrain, which boasted 402 hp with 738 lb-ft of torque, it was touted to return an estimated 99 mpg. Four seconds was all it would take for the Emerg-E concept to reach 60 mph, or so we were told, and the stunning piece of sheetmetal could also travel up to 30 miles on electric power alone, before a three-cylinder range extending motor kicked in.

As positive as all this sounds, Infiniti has reportedly axed the Emerg-E. Instead, fuel-conscious luxury buyers can wait for the Infiniti LE, a plug-in luxury EV based on the Nissan Leaf. Just donít expect any sports car performance from it.

If thereís any good news from this story itís that Infiniti says the styling of the Emerg-E foreshadows the next Infiniti G.

Audi Quattro Concept

Most Audi fans will likely be familiar with the Quattro name-plate. The original Ur-Quattro was a road and rally racing legend, winning 23 World Rally Championship races from 1981 to 1985. When Audi showed off the Quattro concept, a collective gasp escaped from the hoard of Audi and rallying enthusiasts. Could Audi top their fantastic road-car from the past?

The car seemed like a lighter, front-engined R8 with a shorter wheelbase, and originally a limited run was planned. It used a turbocharged five-cylinder engine that made 400-hp, enough to get the Quattro Concept to 60 mph in just 3.9 seconds. It also had a six-speed manual gearbox (a rarity in modern Audis) and a new generation of the quattro AWD system.

Recently the idea was shelved, and Audiís insistence that the Quattro Concept lives on in the Crosslane SUV concept is disappointing news indeed.

Cadillac Sixteen

Imagine a 5,000 lb sedanÖ how would it move? Ask Cadillac and theyíll respond with the engine in this concept, which is a 1,000 hp 13.6L V16. The Cadillac Sixteen concept was brought to life with the intention of bringing back the American automakerís 16-cylinder ultra-luxury sedans from the 1930s. Of course, the Sixteen wouldnít work in todayís fuel-conscious world with a normal V16, so Cadillac incorporated an active-cylinder deactivation system that would turn off 12 of the cylinders during light driving, eight cylinders in harder driving, and would fully unleash all 16 cylinders under full acceleration.

Even though the Cadillac Sixteen was shelved, there are still rumors of a new Cadillac flagship sedan, that might reference the Sixteen. Design-wise, Cadillac seems to be looking to the Sixteen concept as inspiration, with its eccentric wheel arches and bling-y grille hitting the new Cadillac ATS and XTS sedans.

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